Monday, November 01, 2004

Cost of Bush Leadership too High

I hope everyone who has the right to vote does so. It is a right many around the world do not have. I have supported John Kerry not because I think he will make a great President but because he is the only way to bring George Bush to the justice he deserves. He is the first step toward vindication of all the wrongs George Bush has done to so many around the world but especially in Iraq. America cannot continue to call itself the leader of the world yet say world opinion doesn't matter. The world has counted the cost of Bush leadership and said it is too high.

Jobless and Poorer

Tommorrow's the big day. I have an appointment with administration to determine whether I am still eligible for the chomage (unemployment benefits paid by the government). Two years ago this wouldn't have been a problem but with new Sarkozy/Rafferin style government trying to balance the budget tommorrow may find me both jobless and poorer.
Finding a job in France or any other European country is hard enough for a citizen but for a resident who doesn't speak the language fluently and is middleaged it's impossible outside of knowing someone or working illegally.
The 'knowing someone' I'm working on but it takes time. Working illegally is not an option as I would like to continue living in the country.

If you find yourself with some extra cash and would like to help out I wouldn't refuse.